To receive a remote MRI scan interpretation and consultation, please send your MRI scans to our e-mail.
E-mail for MRI:
In your message, please report the following:
✓ Your name
✓ Your complaints
✓ When and under what conditions it all started
✓ State of the disease until now
✓ Treatment
✓ Your place of living (country, city)
MRI images should be "NEW" (no older than 1-3 months). We ask for it because the situation can be changed dramatically for some months, and our prognosis and future treatment depend on MRI picture.
We don't consult on photos, screenshots, or imported images. We need to look your results throught a special readiology DICOM viewer
If you have only film scans of MRI, then you need to call to the MRI center where You were examined and request for digital images (MRI on a disc or flash drive).
Option #1
The easiest way is to create an archive with the scans using WinRar or any other data compression tool (you can download it without any problems). Install the software (or you may already have it on your PC), open your CD or flashcard in a file explorer, select all files and press the right mouse button. Then select "add to the archive". You created an archive with your MRI scans, now you can attach to your e-mail.
Option #2
You can upload your files on any cloud service and send us a link
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